Mixed Reality and AI – our digital human assistant powered by GPT4

When AI and AR/MR meet joyously So many people have asked us what the intersection between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Mixed Reality (MR) is. Instead of explaining it, we thought we would build something to actually demonstrate how these two technologies can shine in combination. We have been experimenting with our “AI human”, aka an … Read more

Mixed Reality Tourism Jam in Salzburg

Debut des “Mixed Reality Tourism Jam” in Salzburg Zum ersten mal wurde letzte Woche das ganztägige Event am Salzburger Flughafen mit einer fantastischen Gruppe von österreichischen Tourismus Experten ins Leben gerufen. Ziel des Events war es die Möglichkeiten von Virtual und Augmented Reality im Tourismus zu vermitteln, zu diskutieren und vor allem auch auszuprobieren. Initiiert … Read more

German engineering and architecture firm concon leverages webAR in direct mailer

Architecture AR

Activation through engagement With all the digital marketing capabilities we have at our disposal these days, we sometimes forget how powerful printed direct mailings can be – especially with an augmented reality element added to the experience. Different audiences require different mechanics in order to converting leads to customers. In this case, a combination of … Read more

Apple enters new product category with Apple Vision Pro.

  What a week it has been! This week might go down as the most remembered week in the history of Mixed Reality device launches. Meta announced its next-generation MR headset, the Quest 3, already a few days ago. And today, Apple joined the party with its high-end Mixed Reality headset called Vision Pro. Apple … Read more

Accedo acquires eyecandylab, accelerates XR offering for media and sports

  eyecandylab now part of Accedo Accedo, the video experience pioneer, today announced it has acquired the assets of eyecandylab, the emmy-nominated provider of innovative extended reality (XR) solutions. eyecandylab’s products and solutions help customers leverage the potential of new innovative use cases for XR, regardless of platform or industry. The platform flexibility speeds up development … Read more

Capturing 3D digital twins with photogrammetry and NeRF

  Important note before you start reading ! This article is a bit of an experiment as it was mostly written by ChatGPT, a new generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool introduced by OpenAI in November 2022. All text marked in blue below was not written by a human being! What is photogrammetry? Photogrammetry is a … Read more

Augmented reality for museums, no app required with webAR – Try it now!

  The Small Museums Alliance Representing Territory (SMART) project The Alpine area is rich in small thematic museums telling the history, culture and ancient crafts of their territories. These are often marginal spots on tourist itineraries, with few number of visitors due to both their specificity and difficulty of reaching them given their remote geographic … Read more