How can photographers and videographers benefit from AR, VR and 3D models?

My key note speech at the “Photo Studio Operations Forum” event

I was invited to give a presentation about AR, VR and 3D technologies to a few hundred photo studio operators around the world at the “Photo Studio Ops Forum” event last week.  Speaking about other people’s professions is always exciting and fun as you naturally make assumptions and guesses as to how they do their job. Having worked with photographers and videographers on many occasions before in the past should give me the edge to address this audience with at least a bit of insight.

To be honest, I don’t know. But there are a lot of interesting potential use cases I could come up with for sure. For example, is scouting for environments, backgrounds and angles a useful exercise by placing a digital twin of a product into the live view for preparation of the actual photo shoot? Or is trying different photo compositions in real-time (as opposed to post production) without ever lifting a physical object the killer application? Or perhaps the fact that digital twins can be used to visualize countless product variants (all colours, all sizes, all configurations), without ever carrying even one physical product to the location?

Quality of 3D model rendering is improving quickly

Of course, there is always room for rendering quality improvement. But digital product visualizations (3D models / digital twins) can be pretty darn good already. If you are a photographer and you are reading this, you might be thinking “this guy has no clue”, and you are probably right. I do realize that quality expectations are very high when it comes to staging products in the best possible way through photography. And I think AR in particular cannot replace the high end of the spectrum yet. However, this will be changing quickly and you can get ready for it by trying, testing and thinking about how to use it today.

Experiment with this product visualization in AR

Scan the QR code or click on the button below to go directly to the 3D / AR view.

I had a great time speaking to this very creative crowd of photographers, videographers and studio operations managers at the event. Watch some impressions from my keynote below and please get in touch if you would like to discuss more possibilities of AR, VR, 3D and the Metaverse.