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Spatial Computing in MR, XR, AR, VR

Mixed Reality will increasingly become 'our' reality. It may contain both real and virtual elements to define the state of things as they exist. I/O (input/output) methods are the means to communicate with this new world through touch, voice, gestures and eventually through direct human-computer interfaces.

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A decade in XR

My name is Andy Gstoll and I am an entrepreneur, business executive and advisor. But most importantly I am a dreamer with a passion to thrive on new business ideas and technology innovation, particularly in the field of XR (Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality). I consider myself to be a global citizen who has spent most of his career on building international businesses in Asia (6 years), America (8 years) and Europe where I grew up and now live again. I have been fortunate enough to experience both the corporate world from working at multinationals like AOL Time Warner, Lonely Planet / BBC Worldwide and Electronic Arts as well as the rollercoaster startup world filled with excitement, innovation and hunger for disruption. I am convinced that XR will disrupt every aspect of our lives and with more than a decade of my life in the XR industry, I have doubled down on it by founding Mixed Reality I/O.


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