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Building the Metaverse since 2008.

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Consulting, Strategy and Support

What does AR, VR or the Metaverse mean for your future business? Use our knowledge and experience to define your strategy. Let’s talk!

Software Development

Implement your AR, VR or 3D project with us. Web AR, app AR, virtual products & showrooms, 3D experiences – prototype or consumer experience – we have got you covered.

3D Design & Optimization

3D models for AR and VR require unique specifications depending on the device and platform you aim for. We create and optimize the most photorealistic 3D assets and experiences for you.

Academy: Workshops & Presentations

If you are looking to acquire a solid knowledge foundation, the “Comprehensive introduction to AR, VR and the Metaverse” workshop may be right for you.

What our clients say.

TUI augmented reality

“Augmented Reality allows holidaymakers a new, more exciting access to historical facts and stories and takes into account the increasing desire of guests to explore cities and towns on their own.”

Chris Carmichael Head of Innovation at TUI Destination Experiences

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Building the Metaverse since 2008

My name is Andy Gstoll and I am an entrepreneur, consultant and advisor. But most importantly I am a dreamer with a passion to thrive on new business ideas and technology innovation, focussing exclusively on Augmented and Virtual Reality. I spent most of my career building international businesses in Asia (6 years), America (8 years) and Europe where I grew up and now live again. During the early years of my career, I have been very fortunate to experience the corporate world by working with multinationals like AOL Time Warner, Lonely Planet / BBC Worldwide and Electronic Arts (EA). However, in the last 12 years I have immersed myself into startup life by building Wikitude (sold to Qualcomm in 2021) and by taking on multiple advisory roles with early stage companies.
Technology will further change the way we live and the Metaverse is now becoming real. With Mixed Reality I/O, I want to help shape this new frontier and build safe and overall positive virtual experiences for my clients, partners and for society as a whole.

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