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So many people have asked us what the intersection between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Mixed Reality (MR) is. So instead of explaining it, we thought we would build something to actually demonstrate how these two technologies can shine in combination.

Knowing how important the AI/MR combo will be going forward, we have created a new brand to reflect just that: “Mixed Reality AI” ( www.mixed-reality.ai ).

AI assistant answering questions at Hangar 7 on Meta Quest 3

The versatile AI assistant in AR, MR or VR

A 3D character designed to simulate a face-to-face conversation can be very engaging and powerful. Its visual presence, resembling a human being or special character enables countless of use cases in augmented, mixed and virtual reality environments. Connected with AI, powered by OpenAI’s GPT and some custom assets, a vast amount of knowledge can be provided, just by speaking naturally with the 3D human.

Mixed Reality AI Tour Guides

A Mixed Reality AI assistant can serve as a virtual guide, offering personalized tour information and recommendations based on a traveler’s interests. It can enhance visitor experiences at historical sites or museums by providing interactive narratives and cultural insights, making the exploration more engaging and informative. Additionally, it can assist tourists in navigating foreign locations, offering multilingual support and real-time assistance with directions, local customs, and essential travel tips.

Mixed Reality AI assistant
Mixed Reality AI assistant for the tourism industry

Virtual Reality AI Assistant

A virtual assistant can be an effective interface for answering frequently asked questions, providing instant, 24/7 responses to common inquiries, which enhances customer service efficiency and accessibility. By using natural language processing, the virtual assistant can understand and interpret a wide range of questions, offering accurate and contextually relevant answers, thereby improving user experience and satisfaction.