Mixed Reality for Sustainability in Tourism

Photo credit: Christian Lendl / Österreich Werbung

Sustainable Tourism in Austria Summit on June 24-25, 2024

I was very fortunate to present at and co-host the “Mixed Reality for Sustainability in Tourism” workshop at the beautiful Grafenegg castle in Lower Austria. The inaugural summit gathered industry leaders and experts to discuss and promote sustainability in tourism. Key topics included climate action plans, data and measurability, participatory processes, sustainability communication, and tourism acceptance by residents of popular destinations.

Sustainable Tourism in Austria Summit

A New Platform for Knowledge Exchange

STiAS provided a vital platform for sharing insights and fostering international collaboration. The first day featured English presentations, while the second day focused on German discussions. Attendees engaged in inspiring lectures, enriching discussions, and innovative workshops aimed at enhancing sustainable practices in tourism. Recognizing the increasing importance of sustainability for competitive tourism, the summit emphasized the need for Austria to position itself as a leading sustainable travel destination. This aligns with the growing trend of travelers prioritizing sustainability in their travel choices.

Collaborative Efforts for a Sustainable Future

The summit highlighted various initiatives and strategies to integrate sustainability into tourism effectively. It underscored the importance of collaborative efforts among stakeholders to achieve long-term success and make Austria a model for sustainable tourism. For more details about the summit and its outcomes, visit the official STiAS website here.

A few impressions from the event

Photo credit: Christian Lendl / Österreich Werbung, Von C.Stadler/Bwag