German engineering and architecture firm concon leverages webAR in direct mailer

Architecture AR
Augmented Reality for Architecture Direct Mailing Campaign

Activation through engagement

With all the digital marketing capabilities we have at our disposal these days, we sometimes forget how powerful printed direct mailings can be – especially with an augmented reality element added to the experience. Different audiences require different mechanics in order to converting leads to customers. In this case, a combination of both print and augmented 3D content is driving the wanted attention and response.

QR Code to start webAR experience

WebAR works in any mobile browser, may it be Safari on your iPhone/iPad or Chrome on your Android device. By simply scanning the QR code printed on the mailing piece, the user is directed to the website address where the AR experience takes place – that’s it. No app downloads, no passwords, no fuzz. 

Augmented Reality for Architecture Direct Mailing Campaign

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A partnership effort

In partnership with art director Chris Mimler, who designed the printed direct mailer, Mixed Reality I/O was brought onboard to create the AR experience for concon.