Apple enters new product category with Apple Vision Pro.


What a week it has been!

This week might go down as the most remembered week in the history of Mixed Reality device launches. Meta announced its next-generation MR headset, the Quest 3, already a few days ago. And today, Apple joined the party with its high-end Mixed Reality headset called Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro

Tim Cook clearly enjoyed using Steve Jobs’ words on stage today: “…and there is one more thing”, a reference to a practice that started in 1999, where Steve Jobs would leave (often quite big) announcements to the end of a presentation. And so did Tim Cook today. The catch? Starting at $3499, it will only be available early next year.

Meta Quest 3 launches later this year

The Quest 3 has already been officially announced by Meta last week. It will be arriving this fall for $499. The new headset will feature a refreshed design over its predecessor, including a 40% slimmer overall design, and a new Snapdragon chipset to power its virtual reality and mixed reality experiences. More details in Meta’s official blog post.