Scan QR Code to start the Christmas Party in Augmented Reality


It’s that time of year to transition into the holiday spirit, at least that’s what my wife and daughter tell me. To be honest, I normally don’t make much of an effort to write Christmas cards, but this year was different, for two reasons:

  1. Everyone now knows how to use a QR code (thank you Covid-19 !)
  2. webAR is powerful and easy enough now to deliver fun AR experiences, without the need for an app.

If you are reading this, you probably don’t have the actual physical card we created, see picture. As much as I wanted to write cards to all of my friends, family, partners and clients, I ended up running out of time to finish them all before Christmas. So, if you didn’t receive one from me, please forgive me. I will try to plan things a bit more in advance next year, I promise 😉

But even without the physical card, you can still have a little fun with jingle bells at Santa’s “Glühwein” party. If you are on mobile, just click on “View in my space” below or scan the QR code should you be reading this on your desktop / laptop.

Happy holidays and all the best to you for 2022 !


This work was made by using the next 3D models: “Gluhwein Stall – UCAC4” by SanderDeLaat, use under CC BY 4.0. Source: Sketchfab. “Santa Salsa Dancing 2” by deveesreemurugan, use under CC BY 4.0. Source: Sketchfab.

License: CC Attribution, Learn more