Mixed Reality at TEDx Salzburg


Back in Salzburg

I have been inspired by so many TEDx talks over the years and I could not have been more excited when I heard about the return of the event series to Salzburg after a long pause of almost a decade. As always, “ideas worth spreading” was the key motivator not only for the selected group of speakers to get on stage, but also for about 100 people (maximum due to COVID-19 restrictions) to participate in this half day event in Salzburg’s beautiful Kapitelsaal.

Event theme: “Small is Beautiful”

In support of the theme and in partnership with the organising committee, we created this “Mini AR experience of Salzburg” for everyone at the event to play with and for you to explore right here and now.

Try it in AR now, no app required!

If you are reading this on your smartphone or tablet just click on the icon in the bottom right corner of the above 3D view to experience “Mini Salzburg” in your own space.

Should you be reading this on your desktop, scan the this QR code with your mobile device:

TEDx Salzburg Mini AR experience