AR effect for 100 years of kicker

For those of you who are German soccer fans and followers of the Bundesliga, you might have childhood memories of the legendary “Stecktabelle” – well – at least if you are my age 😉 You might also look back at times when you would go to your local “kiosk” to pick up the latest, freshly printed version of the kicker magazine to get your match scores or to read about the latest transfer rumours of players in the German soccer leagues.


Kicker’s digital transformation

Although you can still buy the printed magazine today, many things have changed during the last 100 years of kicker’s history. Kicker is actually a fantastic example for a company that is successfully implementing its digital transformation from being a purely print magazine to increasingly dominating the market through digital media. Whether it kicker’s website, kicker’s mobile apps or its strong presence on social media, kicker is the “go-to” place for millions of Germans every day to get their latest information on sports.

Try it yourself!


This year, kicker is turning 100 years old and as part of this anniversary, the company has launched a number of special initiatives, some of which are leveraging the power of augmented and virtual reality. I was fortunate to be brought on-board to consult and support kicker with these activities and I am happy to share one of the outputs with you today. As you can imagine, we had lots of fun and giggles designing and implementing this AR effect here at Mixed Reality I/O. If you are in for a bit of fun to celebrate this special kicker moment in time, you can choose between the Instagram effect or the Facebook effect directly on your mobile. Or maybe try both? Have fun sharing!